All things bright and vegi-ful

Go meat-free for National Vegetarian Week!

It’s National Vegetarian Week, and for us it’s a real celebration of all that’s great and good about vegetarian food.


There’s an abundance of locally grown produce hitting the shelves and appearing across restaurant and café menus all over the country right now. It’s fresh, healthy and delicious – what’s not to like about that?!

If you’re veggie-curious or a meat-reducer, this is the perfect opportunity to take the plunge and go completely vegetarian for the week. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how great you feel after packing plenty of ripe and delicious vegetables and fruits into your diet. They’re chock full of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that have amazing health benefits (see below for our favourites).

Our Hall lunch menu has delicious vegetarian options available every single day of the week, created by our talented team of chefs using only the best, locally sourced produce. This week’s highlights include Aubergine, Peanut and Coconut Curry with Steamed Rice; Feta and Pea Rosti Tortilla; Pepper, Corn and Black Bean Enchiladas; and Sage and Halloumi Roasted Broccoli with caramelised leeks.

Pretty much anything grown locally is going to be super tasty and full of the essential vitamins and minerals our bodies need. Why not enjoy all the goodness nature has to offer?

Visitors and non-members are welcome to enjoy lunch in the Hall Monday to Friday between 12.30pm and 2pm. Bookings are essential as demand is high.