British Pie Week

Pie lovers rejoice - British Pie Week is back and it’s bigger and more delicious than ever!

One of our favourite weeks of the year has arrived. British Pie Week (6-12th March) is celebrated with gusto at Middle Temple with a whole week dedicated to celebrating all that is great and good about British pies.

But did you know that pies were once banned in England? Thought of as a pagan form of pleasure, in 1644 Oliver Cromwell banned the humble pie for Christmas celebrations and pagan holidays. The ban was eventually lifted in 1660 putting mince pies firmly back on the menu. Thank heavens for that!

Pies also feature in William Shakespeare’s work, but how many of you know that he killed off two of his characters with pies? Alongside the 30 stabbings, four poisonings and three be-headings that littered Shakespeare’s work, two poor souls were baked into a pie by Titus Andronicus who served Queen Tamora’s sons to her as his revenge for her evil deeds! Here at Middle Temple we have a close connection with Shakespeare. The first performance of Twelfth Night was performed in the Hall with the Bard himself, as well as Queen Elizabeth I, in attendance.

We can guarantee that our pies absolutely do not have a touch of Titus Andronicus or Sweeny Todd about them! From the traditional – steak and ale and sweet apple pie – to pies with a modern twist – spinach and feta with tomato relish, steamed mutton, thyme and orange suet – we have something for everyone. Handmade to perfection by our executive head chef and his incredibly talented team, you’d be mad to miss out.


So, if you fancy tucking into a delicious pie why not have lunch in the stunning environment of the Elizabethan Hall? Everyone is welcome and you can even combine it with a highly informative and entertaining tour of Middle Temple where you can walk in the footsteps of Shakespeare himself.

For bookings please call 020 7427 4820 or email