Meet with Tradition at Middle Temple

If you’re the go-to person at work for running events and organising meetings or conferences in London, then you’ll be only too familiar with the often-frustrating search for the perfect venue. 

Meetings are all about relationship building. Internal events help your staff build relationships and get different departments working together. Your event may be something as simple as an off-site management meeting just around the corner from your office, to a company conference, client reception, a networking evening, or even a spectacular brand launch.

So, how do you choose the most suitable venue in London from the thousands that are available?

Firstly, you have to decide what kind of venue you are looking for. Does it need to create a wow-factor? Should it be modern and trendy, or historic, ancient and impressive? Once you’ve decided this you need to do a site visit to ensure it can deliver your every need and desire.

The best venues will have a dedicated events team that has years of experience delivering every type of event you can imagine – and possibly some you can’t! You should work closely with your event coordinator as they will ably assist you to achieve your vision and also be an additional pair of hands on the day.

Get all your ducks in a row and create an event checklist. There are several great online event management tools that you can use to ensure you don’t forget a thing. Some of these are free. We love Trello for its strong visual interface, simple usability and collaboration features.

Here are some essential questions to ask yourself when sourcing the perfect venue.

  • Does the cost of the venue fit within your budget?
  • Does the venue give you the ‘wow factor’?
  • Does the price differ depending on the time of year?
  • Is the venue available on the date of the event? Or are you willing to set the event on a date where you know the perfect venue can host you?
  • Does the venue have the look, feel and style or type of décor that is fitting for your event?
  • What is the ambience like and what kind of backdrop are you aiming to achieve?
  • What’s the maximum occupancy?
  • Does the venue have multiple rooms? You may need separate rooms for hosting different meetings, holding a briefing, or accommodating VIP guests.
  • Does the venue include chairs, tables, audio and visual equipment, or will you need to acquire these items elsewhere?
  • Will the event coordinator be on site during the event to help or address any additional requirements that come to light on event day?
  • Does the venue have accessible transport links?
  • Does the venue have disabled accommodations?
  • Can the venue provide food and drink? You might want a set menu for a sumptuous sit-down meal, canapés or bowl food for a reception, or just a simple lunch. Don’t forget to accommodate any special dietary requirements of your guests.
  • Can venue branding appear in your event materials?
  • What deposit is required and what is the cancellation policy?


The Hall

Whether you are looking for an impressive venue for your large-scale conference or would like a uniquely different setting for your board meeting, here at Middle Temple we can host business events with style and gravitas. We offer competitive day delegate rates, including tailored menus from our first-class in-house catering team and full AV support. Please contact the event team to discuss your requirements or visit for further information.