Middle Temple Blog - Iconic Weddings in History

If it’s wedding inspiration you’re looking for there’s no better place to start than by checking out some of the most gorgeous, influential and memorable couples of all time. If you’re anything like us and love weddings, and you’re in need of a nuptial fix, it’s always fun to revisit some of the ceremonies that have taken place in history and in fiction. From Royal weddings to celebrity couplings, these iconic events still capture the imagination of the public just as much today as they did back then.


Elizabeth of York and Henry the Seventh

Almost to the day (18th) in 1486 King Henry VII married Princess Elizabeth of York, daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville, at Westminster Abbey. This union marked the end of War of the Roses, unified the warring houses and began the Tudor line of rule. Theirs was a political union but one which grew into a relationship of love and mutual respect – a slow-burner if you will!

All Royal marriages throughout history have sent the country into a frenzy and the true love stories have been well documented. HRH Queen Victoria and HRH Prince Albert’s marriage came to be seen as one of the greatest love matches of all time. HRH Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Duke of Edinburgh have recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary – we can safely say that theirs is a coupling that has lasted the test of time.


More recently, the world came to a grinding halt when HRH Prince William married Catherine Middleton in 2011 in what has been billed the Wedding of the Century. We all fell in love with their story and the romance of the occasion, and as for the dress!! Just a year later the happy couple visited Middle Temple where HRH the Duke of Cambridge was called to the Bar as an honourary member and was made Master of the Bench, a position last held by HRH Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

Straying outside the British Royal family, Antony and Cleopatra’s coupling was a true love match as far as historians can tell; Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine famously exchanged love letters whenever the emperor was overseas; Grace Kelly willingly and wholeheartedly gave up her Hollywood career when she fell in love with Prince Rainier; Elizabeth ‘always a bride, never a bridesmaid’ Taylor and Richard Burton married twice in one of the most publicised and turbulent love stories of all time; John and Yoko fell in love at first sight and their whirlwind romance was played out in the world’s media, captivating millions.

Celebrity couplings at Middle Temple include that of Hollywood star Stanley Tucci who married literary agent Felicity Blunt (sister of actress Emily Blunt) in 2012.


Delving into fiction, Mark Darcy proposed to Bridget Jones in the corridor outside the Princes Room at Middle Temple; Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night tells of the comedic love story between Viola and Duke Orsino - it was first performed at Middle Temple in 1602 with the bard himself and Queen Elizabeth I in attendance.


From famous historical figures to modern day celebrity romances, the backdrop of the beautiful grounds and stunning rooms of Middle Temple have remained the same. So, whether you are looking for a venue for your special day, or just looking for a unique place for a lunch date, why not give us a call and book a tour – we’ll be glad to welcome you!