The podcast wedding planner

Could you organise your wedding by podcast? We track down the best and most useful nuptial advice to feed into your ears.

Amelia & Oliver's wedding at Middle Temple (c. Michale Newington Gray)


You’ve made the biggest, scariest and most exciting decision of your life – you’re going to get married. Cue visions of you walking down the aisle in a misty reverie… but how to get there from here? Make sure your wedding is wonderful with the modern answer to organisers – podcasts!

Of course, a podcast can’t do all your wedding planning. But download one (or a few) of these brilliant mini-series and you’ll get advice and information on everything from ‘How to cope without a wedding planner’ to ‘The mother-in-law who wanted to wear white to the wedding’.

Retain your sanity with Aleisha, a comedian and television presenter whose popular podcast Bridezilla aims to help couples “plan their wedding day without losing their marbles.” With over 200 episodes so far, this podcast covers all aspects of the wedding-planning process: details, conflicts, decision making, traditions, and more.

Starting from the top, an extremely common wedding conundrum is money: how much, who pays, what compromises need to be made and so on. “Establishing your budget is the first step to planning your wedding,” Aleisha says. Many couples try to save money by doing much of the planning themselves rather than hiring a wedding planner or coordinator. It’s an ambitious idea, and lovely if you have the time and capability to do it. But it isn’t easy.

So, in Bridezilla, Aleisha discusses the value of hiring a wedding planner and what to expect from a budget standpoint. She also gives ideas for how to avoid extra stress when not hiring a wedding planner. Apparently, the key is finding the right vendors who can best help accomplish the vision you have for your wedding.

Brides magazine recommends the podcast From Ring to Veil if you’re deep in the wedding planning blues. It’s ideal when you’ve just given in to too much stress, but you still need a way to have your pre-wedding questions answered. Hosts Shannon Palmer and Kim Mills cover topics like how to write your own vows, the meaning behind all the wedding traditions you feel forced to include and whether or not you should just elope.

The useful ‘Hey Bride’ podcast comes at the process from the other side of the buffet table – it features interviews and tips from wedding vendors, catering companies, wedding dress designers, limo suppliers and so on. It’s hosted by Susana Rodríguez who gives brides tips and tricks from wedding industry experts and former brides. It’s a great podcast to binge during your commute or before heading to a vendor meeting so you know the right questions to ask.

If you’re looking to take your mind off your wedding to-do list by listening to a show that’ll keep you engaged and laughing, Wedding Confessionals is the podcast for you. Hosts Pam and Brooke talk about the things that nobody else is talking about: Should you change your name after your wedding? What if you show up late to a wedding? Who can you leave off your guest list? You’ll get all your taboo wedding questions answered with this show.

Hosted by editors Claire and Celina, The One Fab Day Wedding Podcast is a handy source of wedding planning information and inspiration, with plenty of #realtalk thrown in for good measure. The girls deliver tried-and-tested tips and address common dilemmas in every episode, as well as interviewing wedding experts and real couples, and taking deep dives into subjects like guests lists, budgets, and dress shopping

If you want to keep your wedding as eco-friendly as possible, online party accessories retailer and experienced DIYer Kara Lamerato hosts the Wedding Planning Podcast, which is all about helping you simplify your big day. Discussing sustainable weddings, invitations, photography, and everything in between, the Wedding Planning Podcast is definitely one for practical and crafty couples!

Finally, what are the fundamentals of a great wedding outfit? Great underwear, podcasters Charlotte and Becky of the Rock My Wedding podcast say! You can spend thousands of pounds on an incredible outfit but if what you have on underneath isn’t the right fit then you’re not going to be comfortable or show your dress to its full potential. Chief Lingerie Stylist, Kelly, of Rigby & Peller explains the difference between plunges and balconies, how to make the most from a fitting experience and when in the wedding planning-process you should be getting your underwear – essential listening.

Ear buds at the ready!