Something Old - Forgotten wedding traditions

When it comes to getting married there are all sorts of traditions that many couples want to incorporate into the big day; a white dress, the bridal bouquet, something old, something new. But when we delve into history we can find many customs that have long been forgotten.

Ring pillow

In recent decades, Saturday has been the most popular day to get married but English folklore actually suggests that it was considered the unluckiest day of the week for nuptials. A mid-week wedding was said to give the bride and groom the best start to married life. And talking of bad luck, brides didn’t carry a bridal bouquet for their walk down the aisle as they do today. Instead, they held a horseshoe tied to a ribbon that was said to ward off evil spirits.


We all know how hard it is being single at a wedding, but back in the day unmarried women were pitied and offered a slice of cake to place under their pillows to summon a future husband through their dreams. If only it were that simple!

Whilst most modern brides still choose white as the colour for the all-important dress it wasn’t always that way. It was when Queen Victoria wore white at her wedding in 1840 that it became fashionable.

Another fashion that has evolved are the wedding favours offered to guests. Nowadays these include anything from chocolates and novelty gnomes to personalised keyrings and bottle openers, but back in the 18th and 19th centuries giving a simple pair of gloves was the custom.


As is often the case, ancient Roman traditions are closer to our own current customs. A ring on the third finger of the left hand symbolised engagement and at the formal ceremony the bride wore a pale dress and a veil and was accompanied by a bridesmaid. But unlike today, economic considerations and inter-family relations were far more important than love!


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