Spring is Simply Delicious

The days are longer, the air is full of intoxicating fragrance, and everyone is that little bit happier. This can only mean that spring has finally sprung. It’s a time of growth and renewal and, when it comes to food, that means an abundance of tasty, fresh produce appearing in stores, at markets and on restaurant menus everywhere. 


After a long, cold winter, where – let’s face it – we all turned to comfort food, spring gives us the chance to rid our diets of heavy foods and embrace all things light and fresh. 

We are meant to eat the foods that grow around us. It’s in our DNA. Right now, that includes packing delicious vegetables, salads and fruits into our diets to act as natural cleansers and give our immune systems a good old-fashioned boost.  

Panzanella Tuscan Tomato and Bread Salad

At Middle Temple, we use only the freshest and best quality produce that’s seasonally relevant and locally sourced. Our menus are packed full of spring foods and our talented event catering team of chefs has created some incredible dishes to showcase the abundance of delights that spring brings.

Here’s a list of our favourite spring foods and their amazing benefits.

Asparagus is rich in vitamin K (which you need for blood clotting, heart and bone health, cancer prevention, and many other functions), as well as copper, selenium, B vitamins and many other important nutrients.

Leafy greens like Romaine and Red Leaf Lettuce are rich in vitamins A, K, and folate, plus chlorophyll, fibre and even water. They can help to reduce inflammation and aid in hydrating and detoxifying your body.

Artichokes are rich in folic acid, vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, and many minerals. These nutrients help lower cholesterol, ensure healthy pregnancies in women, and ensure optimal metabolic cell function.

Carrots are absolutely delectable when they’re in season locally. Rich in vitamin A and other antioxidants, they’re great for maintaining healthy hair, skin, and nails, and are considered an “anti-aging” food. Plus, they’re a powerful cancer-fighter!

Mint is packed with healing properties. It contains an antioxidant called rosmarinic acid which can relieve seasonal allergy symptoms such as hay fever. The menthol it contains is a natural decongestant and it can also soothe an upset stomach.

Peas have a very short growing season of just a few weeks and that makes them all the more special. They contain a wide variety of vitamins and minerals including vitamins C and K, and several B vitamins, plus manganese, phosphorus, and protein. This makes them an excellent anti-inflammatory food.

Strawberries are fresh, ripe, fragrant, and delicious in late spring. They can help balance blood sugar, and the polyphenols they contain will support immunity, healthy cell renewal, and many other functions.

Pretty much anything grown locally is going to be super tasty and full of the essential vitamins and minerals our bodies need. It’s spring - enjoy all the goodness nature has to offer.

Lunch is served in The Hall most weekdays between 12.30pm and 2pm. Our extensive and delicious menu changes daily, please see the website for more details. Non-members will need to make a reservation by contacting the events team.