From the sublime to the delicious

Looking for wedding feast inspiration? Take some ideas from these thoroughly modern celebrations.


Image copyright Natasha Ferreira

How weddings have changed over the past few years! From themed celebrations based on Pirates of the Caribbean to fabulous, more formal affairs in beautiful, ancient buildings such as Middle Temple in central London, you can really do whatever you like.

However, the creativity couples have put into selecting their outfits and wedding venues has not, until recently, been reflected in the food. But boy, is that changing! From pretty pastoral picnics to Mexican wedding breakfasts, the offering has widened – so how to choose?

Make it your day

Your wedding is your day. Many would-be wedded couples sprinkle their likes, loves and personalities through the décor, the speeches and the music choices; though rarely do people go to town on the meal – which, let’s be honest, is the main thing after the event itself! So, talk to your wedding caterers about your ideas, however wild, and see what can be achieved.

Grazing stations are a big trend in the foodie world, and are ideal for weddings. These let your guests graze on whatever food takes their fancy, offered to them from a variety of stalls, tables, vintage vans and even boats.

More than ever, couples are wanting to create a catering display that wows their guests. A Champagne and oyster bar is a simply stunning idea – a treat for the eyes as much as the palette. Similarly, a sugary wall of joy featuring doughnuts is a popular choice for late night munchies.

BBQ Wedding Breakfast

Planning an outdoor wedding in the midst of summer? A barbecue wedding breakfast could be the perfect option. Barbecue wedding catering is a tasty, relaxed and affordable way to cater for larger scale weddings. The food becomes the showcase – a whole lamb or pig can slow roast on a spit whilst the guests enjoy nibbles.

Many caterers now also supply what’s known as a table top BBQ, where trays of meaty (and veggie!) goodness are delivered straight from the wood fired barbecue to the tables, which is a more formal option. There are also many weirdly wonderful themed barbecue options such as Argentine Asados, South African Braais and even Portuguese Churrasco.”

Pick a theme

Alternatively, you could choose just a single, omni-popular theme for your wedding feast. There are two reasons why a themed wedding catering option works. One, it takes away the stress of choosing from a large and complicated menu and two, it’s fun!

You could delight your guests with pizzas for your wedding breakfast, or huge paellas, beautiful vintage afternoon teas, banquets with ethnic foods like Indian and Thai, and special roasts such as Wagyu beef. The list is endless.

Don’t forget pudding

For some people, this is the most important part of any meal, so make sure it’s fun for your guests by hiring something a little unusual - there are loads of brilliant and tasty alternatives to the traditional dessert trolley. Have an artisan ice cream van at your wedding and serve up mind-blowing flavours picked to coordinate with your wedding meal, or call in a crêpe station if pancakes are your perfect pud. And what about a churros and chocolate van? It’s a great idea if you’re also contemplating paella as your main course.

Whatever you decide, make it all about you and not about your guests. This is your day and your choice of food should reflect that.