Raise a Toast to the Father of the Bride

As we celebrate Father’s Day this Sunday, it only seems fitting to offer some hints and tips in preparation for that all-important father-of-the-bride role they will maybe one day play.

Father of the bride

It is a great honour to give away your daughter to her soon-to-be husband, but a word of warning. If you take on this role you’re also committing to the dreaded speech. When you’ve got the eyes of every guest in the room on you, expecting you to deliver a sparkling and humorous speech, even the most confident person can be unnerved. The key to not choking is preparation. Do your research, ask close friends and family members for their input, relive her childhood as you sift through the memories in your head to select exactly the right one that will show her off in the best light.

Every great speech should have a mixture of funny, light-hearted and serious. If you can get the guests reaching for their hankies or doubled over with laughter, then you can safely say you’ve nailed it!

Here’s our top six tips to take on board:

  • Share childhood stories – tantrums, achievements, stand out moments, and how much your daughter means to you.
  • Talk about your son-in-law – recount your first impressions and what you think of him now.
  • Talk about love from your own perspective – give them something to aim for!
  • Keep it clean – it’s a wedding! Time and a place.
  • Be inclusive – mention the groom’s family, welcome the guests, thank the bridesmaids and ushers.
  • Don’t forget the toast at the end


Of course, many brides choose to be accompanied down the aisle by their mother or a special friend, or like in the case of HRH the Duchess of Sussex – go it alone.

Whatever role you are playing in the wedding, remember to make it count. It’s a day you will cherish forever.