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Our special events team are imaginative and creative, and when it comes to planning something a little different we are sure to have ideas that will leave your guests awed and make your event stand out as a memorable success. From gala dinners to anniversary parties we take great pleasure in finding ways to make each occasion individually tailored to your needs.


Is there a sound system?

In the Hall only, there is a basic sound system built in.  Any specific equipment requirements can be hired in.

Are there any audio visual facilities?

The Hall has a built in basic sound system. All other audio visual equipment can be hired in on request.

Does the Inn have 3-phase power?

Yes the Inn has 3-phase power in the Hall. Additional costs may occur.

Can my event be recorded?

The Hall has the facility to record speeches. Any other recording requirements can be arranged via an external supplier.

What are the access times?

Access times are pending on the individual booking and need to be requested at the booking stage.

What is the procedure for late evening and weekend access/exit?

Between the hours of 20.30 and 07.00 weekdays and on weekends, the only entrance/exit is via Tudor Street.

Are there parking facilities?

The Inn is unable to provide onsite parking.

What is the childcare policy/facilities?

If more than 6 children are expected to attend an event we recommend the use of a professional nanny service. The Inn has no crèche facilities. There is no designated baby changing facility at the Inn, however the cloakroom provides sufficient space. There is limited space at the Inn for pram parking. Please inform the Inn of your requirements at the booking stage. We can provide a tailor made meal for the children. It would be one set menu for all the children within the party.

Are there storage facilities?

There are very limited storage facilities at the Inn. Organisers and production companies are asked to make their own arrangements off site.

What are the spaces that can be used for photography?

The gardens provide a lovely backdrop, as does Fountain Court and the Princes Room.

Is flash photography permitted?

Flash photography is not permitted, please speak to your Event Manager if you have specific requirements.

Is the furniture included in the hire?

Yes all existing furniture is included in the hire fee.

What are the room set-up options?

Please refer to the capacity planner on the website.

Can I bring my own catering?

You may arrange for an external caterer from our accredited supplier list.

Can I bring my own cake and can it be delivered before the event?

Yes, you can bring your own cake. We cannot accept delivery any earlier than the date of the event. We are unable to assist with the set up of the cake and cannot take any responsibility for the safe keeping of the cake.

Can I bring props for my event?

Yes as long as they are free standing.

Is a late night licence included?

All events have a finishing time of 22.00hrs. An extension can be granted until midnight at an additional hire charge.

What is the cancellation policy?

6 months or more before the event 25% of the hire fee. Within 3 months of the event 50% of the hire fee. Within 6 weeks of the event 75% of the hire fee. Within 2 weeks of the event 100% of the hire fee plus 50% of the catering charges.

What are the deposit payment requirements?

We require a 50% deposit of the estimated total value of the event with the signed contract. Final and full event prepayment is required 30 days before the event.

Are pets/animals allowed?

We only permit guide dogs within the premises.

Are there noise restrictions?

Middle Temple is a residential area and sound levels must be kept to a reasonable level at all times. The maximum decibel level is 85.

Do you have lighting packages?

Specific lighting requirements can be arranged via one of our accredited suppliers.

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