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Events Department
Middle Temple Hall
Middle Temple Lane

T: 020 7427 4820
F: 020 7427 4821

How to find us

Vehicle access to the Temple is via Tudor Street. Vehicles must exit onto the Embankment (left turn only) between 7am and 8.30pm on weekdays. The only vehicle exit after 8.30pm on weekdays and at weekends is via Tudor Street which is in fact a two way street.

The main pedestrian entrances and exits are:

 Gate  Entrance  Exit
 Tudor Street  24 hours  24 hours
 The Embankment  7am - 8.30pm Mon-Fri  7am - 8.30pm Mon-Fri
 Middle Temple Lane  7am - 8.30pm Mon-Fri  24 hours

There is no parking in Middle Temple on weekdays and only limited parking at weekends. Vehicles parked in Inner Temple may be clamped.

If you have more questions about holding an event at Middle Temple, please see our Event Guidelines.

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