Wedding Series: Wedding Wheels

If you want your wedding to be unique as you are, check out our guide to great drives and rides to make your entrance all the more awe-inspiring.

Back in the day it was the local car hire company’s big limo that was wheeled out for weddings. Why not bring that tradition right up-to-to date with beautiful modern monsters your guests will all want to go in? 

So many to choose from! Trending at the moment at are super-sleek Jaguar XJLs, red, white and blue Rolls Royce Ghost and Phantom Drophead Coupes, Range Rover Evoques, white Maseratis, Audi QZ and Ferrari stretch limos (yes, the Ferrari is red!) to name just a few.

 Of course, the next step on from this list is arriving by air, helicopter to precise. How impressive would that be, landing on the lawn in front of your guests? If you don’t have your licence, there are companies who will fly you to your destination.

“Wedding helicopter hire is an incredible way to not only wow your guests but make sure that the happy couple gets an experience that they won’t forget any time soon,” says, adding: “Who’s to say there has to be a reception full of expectant guests? Maybe you want to get married ON the helicopter?!”

 Coming back to earth, vintage cars and revivals make for a beautiful bridal display.  The Badsworth revives the landaulet style made popular during the 1930s, at a time when passengers in chauffeur driven cars were considered more important than the driver behind the wheel!  On a summer’s day, they would fold down the rear open section to keep cool and would be protected from the wind by the cabin. Nowadays this allows for fantastic photo opportunities with the car on your wedding day.

In fact, vintage is the new modern according to, and Newark Vintage Wedding Cars say they can provide every couple with a unique vintage experience on their wedding day. They have a beautiful Morris Minor (called Maisy) or a selection of 1920s and 30s wedding cars to choose from.

Beetles and VW campers are also extremely popular and if you’re looking for beach wedding ideas, consider hiring a car from VW Weddings – you can hire the ocean-styled, sea blue Malibu vehicle. If you want to make a bigger impact, go for the red Mango with a cool Orla Kiely interior. The Pistachio van has a classic vintage feel, if that’s what you’re after. Those who are obsessed with VWs should consider hiring a camper van for the bridesmaids, whilst the happy couple travels in the cute Beetle.

Classic red London buses are an eye-catching and unusual choice of wedding transport and a great option if you need to get all your guests from your ceremony to your reception.

If you’re not in a rush, horse drawn carriages are a beautiful, romantic way to arrive in the country, and equally impressive in town – if the horses are properly traffic trained. The Horse Drawn Carriage Company, based in West Sussex, has two beautiful white horses (named Tommie and Charlie), who will pull a variety of carriages for you. 

If you’re choosing a TV and Film theme, New York yellow taxis, the ‘A’ team’s van and the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard are just a few of the cars you can hire.

So even if you are staying with wheels for your wedding transport, the sky’s the limit!